960 glazed tile machine
960 glazed tile machine

960 glazed tile machine


The antique glazed tile formed by 960 type glazed tile forming machine rolling die has the characteristics of beautiful appearance,simple and elegant,exquisite shape,grade and so on.It can be widely used in villas,resorts,garden factories,tourist scenic spots,pavilions,hotels,exhibition halls and other buildings.

960 type glazed tile forming machine is mainly composed of discharging machine,feeding platform,forming host,die pressing device,forming shear device,hydraulic station,computer control system,finished product bracket,etc.

The optional equipment includes ordinary feeding machine,hydraulic feeding machine,automatic chopping machine,etc.

Main technical parameters

1.Installation size:10000mm×1700mm×1600mm

2.Molding number:10-11

3.Roller material:45×steel

4.Plating thickness of roller:0.05mm

5.Cutter material:Cr12

6.Molding speed:0-3m/min

7.Electric control system:industrial computer PLC frequency conversion control

8.Main engine power:3kw

9.Power of hydraulic station:3kw

10.Plate thickness:0.4-0.6mm

11.Expanded width of plate:1000mm(other widths can be customized)