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hydraulic uncoiler
hydraulic uncoiler

hydraulic uncoiler


Uncoiler is a special equipment for metal plate leveling,which is used for leveling line steel plate and uneven plate.It can form uncoiling,leveling,shearing production line and other plate products production line according to relevant configuration.Suitable for machinery,vehicles,metal products,household appliances,steel structure,decoration and other industries.

Uncoiler is one of the most important equipments in welded pipe production line.One of its functions is to support the coil by tightening the inner hole of the coil;the other is to send the steel strip head into the leveler by rotating with the help of straightener.Therefore,the decoiler performance is very important to the whole production line.In many years of design practice,the structure of the uncoiler has been continuously optimized and improved,so that the performance of the uncoiler has been improved.

The uncoiler spindle has two functions,one is to drive the steel coil to rotate,the other is the tension support of the steel coil.The realization of tension is usually completed by the cylinder or cylinder installed together with the main shaft to push the inclined slider.The small unit uses more cylinders,and the large unit uses more cylinders;the realization of rotation is usually completed by the motor driving the main shaft to rotate through the reducer.The cylinder or cylinder installed on the spindle should rotate with the spindle,and the cylinder or cylinder should be connected with one end of the working medium pipeline,and the other end of the pipeline should be connected to the hydraulic station or solenoid valve.

The decoiler is arranged at the front end of the entrance part of the unit,corresponding to№1 and№2 coil cars respectively.One of the functions of the uncoiler is to uncoil the strip under the back tension,and the other is to realize the automatic centering of the strip under the central control(CPC).There are two decoilers in the conventional continuous annealing and color coating unit.Because the two decoilers are uncoiled alternately,it creates a prerequisite for the continuous production of the subsequent equipment of the unit.The shearing line is equipped with an uncoiler.The strip tension in the entrance section is established by the uncoiler and№1 tension roll group of the unit.

The uncoiler body is a welded box structure,and the variable frequency speed regulating motor drives the reel shaft through the gearbox to provide the driving force for the uncoiler.The reel of uncoiler is a hollow shaft,which is supported on the gear box by two bearings,and the transmission spur gear is installed between the bearings.The gearbox is lubricated by means of forced lubrication,and is equipped with two constant speed motors for the closed-loop oil lubrication system.The mandrel is a cantilever structure,and its front end is supported by an external support bearing during uncoiling to maintain the stiffness and stability of the uncoiler.

The decoiler mandrel is connected with four sector plates through the inclined dovetail grooves on the four end faces,and each sector plate is prevented from axial movement by a radial slide at the end,but it can realize radial expansion and contraction.A rotary oil cylinder is connected at the end of the reel shaft,and the piston rod of the oil cylinder drives the front-end quadrangular shaft to slide axially through the pull rod in the center of the reel shaft,so as to drive the radial expansion and contraction of the sector plate.The nominal diameter of the drum can be increased by adding four sector plates.The decoiler frame can move on the guide rail of the frame,which is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to realize the center position control.In order to enhance the stability of the drum,a support arm device is designed at the head of the drum.When there is steel coil on the drum,the support arm is driven by the oil cylinder to support the head of the drum.At ordinary times,the support arm retracts,which will not affect the coil winding.