U-groove machine
U-groove machine

U-groove machine


U-shaped groove forming machine adopts the principle of high amplitude vibration and hydraulic forming to quickly form the cavity of C15,C20 and C30 concrete mixed with cement,stone and sand,so as to make the produced concrete smooth and straight,with accurate size,covering maintenance,good frost resistance and impermeability.It can be used in channel engineering to reduce investment and save land.One main machine with different specifications of molds installed at the same time.

1.The water utilization coefficient of the canal system below the ditch is about 0.98,while the unlined one is less than 0.8.

2.The construction is convenient,the land is saved,the input is reduced,the hydraulic condition of U-shaped channel forming machine is good,the water passing section is small,and the opening is relatively small compared with trapezoidal channel.Therefore,the use area of land is saved and the volume of earth excavation and filling is reduced.At present,the U-shaped groove forming equipment is used for lining construction with high speed,high quality and high efficiency.In general irrigation area,each worker can complete the construction of 10-20m long U-shaped channel in one working day.Under the condition of the same water discharge,one kilometer trapezoidal channel needs about 132 cubic meters of concrete,while the U-shaped channel only needs 96 cubic meters of concrete,which not only reduces the land occupied by the channel construction,but also saves the investment.

3.When U-shaped channel molding machine is used for water conveyance,the water velocity of the channel is fast and the ability of transporting sand and stone is strong.The average velocity per second can reach 1.2m,and the roughness of the channel is about 0.013.Compared with the same gradient,the roughness of trapezoidal channel is 0.025,and the velocity is only 0.6m per second.The U-shaped trough equipment can give full play to the advantages of strong water delivery capacity in the place with weeds and unsmooth water flow.

In the U-groove forming equipment of many different machinery,there is a very special machine,it is the U-groove forming equipment parts.In large factories,we often see U-groove forming equipment put into use like pipe making machine.U-groove forming equipment is widely used,it can be made into many kinds of mechanical equipment.Although it plays a very important role,it is difficult to maintain,especially the parts of U-groove forming equipment.We all know that machinery is generally made of iron,iron is easy to rust,so the problem about U-groove forming equipment is how to maintain the parts of U-groove equipment.

There are many people using U-groove forming equipment,but few people pay attention to the maintenance of U-groove forming equipment parts,which is important.