Double layer tile press
Double layer tile press

Double layer tile press


The main products of double-layer tile press are roof panel,roof panel,etc.The equipment is mainly composed of feeding platform,forming host,die pressing device,forming shear device,hydraulic station,computer control system,etc.

Technical parameters:

1.Overall dimension:6500mm×1300mm×1500mm

2.Forming method:roll forming(pre press forming)

3.The number of forming rows:9 rows of v900 roll and 11 rows of V860 roll

4.Feed width:1000mm

5.Plate thickness:0,2-0,8mm

6.Equipment shaft diameter:Φ70mm

7.Main engine power:3kw

8.Rolling speed:10m-12m/min

9.Machine weight:about 3900kg

10.Pump station motor:3kw

11.Equipment frame:300h steel

12.Cutter material:Cr12(Cr12)

13.Equipment transmission:chain wheel,chain

14.Automatic computer cutting system with fixed length

The double-layer tile press adopts a new hydraulic shearing system,which uses the working principle of gear oil pump.The system includes a hydraulic pump station,a hydraulic cylinder,two hydraulic oil pipes and two electromagnetic valves.

The equipment of double-layer tile press is changed between high and low stands.The color steel plate with one profile is installed on the low stand,and the roll with another profile is installed on the high stand.A set of computer control system and a set of hydraulic shearing system are used in the production.The appearance of this kind of equipment saves space,shortens the time of changing two kinds of plates,and improves the output rate,so as to meet the needs of many small and medium-sized color steel enterprises.