Double layer tile press equipment
Double layer tile press equipment

Double layer tile press equipment


Technical parameters:


Material for large frame:300h steel

Forming shaft:diameter 68mm,45×quenching and tempering

Forming wheel:material 45×forging hard chromium plating

Transmission mode:sprocket,chain


Number of forming rows:850-9 rows,900-9 rows

Motor of pump station:3kw,four stages

Cutting die:Gr12

Molding speed:8-10m/min

Pressing thickness:0.2-0.7mm

Pressing width:1000mm

The double-layer tile pressing equipment is equipped with loading rack,new construction machine,advertising gusset machine,and double-layer tile pressing equipment.It is economical and practical.Two types of equipment can be combined into one,that is,the floor area can be saved,and the double-layer cost is far lower than that of two single-layer machines.

The double-layer tile pressing equipment adopts a new double-layer design,which can be used for one machine with small floor area,convenient transportation and cost saving.The factory has perfect after-sales service,and can design and manufacture according to the user's requirements.At the same time,it can guide the user in production,installation,debugging and maintenance.

I plant for steel structure equipment and engineering design drawings,production drawings,installation drawings,all using computer software optimization design.Have mechanical processing equipment,physical experiment equipment,color steel equipment,nondestructive testing equipment,chemical analysis room.All digital computer testing method is adopted to produce high-quality grid structure and light steel structure and equipment.