915 floor support plate machine
915 floor support plate machine

915 floor support plate machine


915 floor bearing plate machine features and uses:

The steel floor produced by 915 floor support plate machine is used for high-rise floor panels.It has the characteristics of high wave crest,high strength,high degree of automation and low cost.

The steel floor support plate produced by 915 floor support plate machine has the advantages of simple shape,large waviness and high strength.When it is installed,the welded steel mesh is laid and then combined with the concrete pouring.It has good adhesion.In high-rise buildings,it can not only save the steel formwork,but also reduce the floor load.It can be put forward before reaching the same bearing capacity,so as to reduce the steel consumption of the project and save the investment.

Operation and precautions of 915 floor support plate machine:manual blank placing and blank taking work procedure:before using the equipment,check whether the connections are firm,whether the mounting bolts and nuts are tightened,and add enough lubricating oil in the left and right chassis before starting the machine for test run.First,operate the machine empty and carefully observe whether there is vibration,noise,oil coming from the oil window,and whether the movement of each part is normal When installing the mold,cut off the power supply,manually move the motor belt or big gear to make the worktable rotate,and make the sliding seat rise to the high point,so as to use an object to support between the worktable and the bottom of the sliding seat,so as to prevent the sliding seat from falling naturally and cause accidents.The mold used by this machine needs one upper mold and six lower molds of the same size.First,install the upper mold and one lower mold.The lower mold is directly installed on the hexagonal runner table.The upper mold is installed on the bottom surface of the sliding seat,and a pad of appropriate thickness is placed to ensure that the gap around the upper and lower molds is uniform after clamping,and the distance between the upper and lower molds is equal to the thickness of the required tile blank.Then,the upper mould shall prevail,the workbench shall be rotated,and the remaining five lower moulds shall be installed.After all the upper and lower moulds are installed,the car can be started for tile pressing.The working procedure of automatic discharging and billet taking:the die installation and main engine test run are the same as above,and then start the air compressor,vacuum pump,extruder,tile cutter,discharging machine,tile press,main engine and tile carrier conveyor.When stopping,stop the extruder first,and then stop other equipment.

915 floor bearing plate equipment is beautiful and practical,overall design;durable,easy to maintain;expansion is convenient,economic;construction is convenient,short construction period.Steel floor bearing plate is a common type of steel structure floor bearing plate.The efficiency is 70%,which can be used for steel roof and steel floor bearing plate.Bearing plate is a common method of steel structure floor.During the construction,the floor bearing plate is usually laid on the steel beam first,and then welded on the steel beam by welding nails(shear parts),and then the steel mesh is bound and the concrete is poured.This kind of floor method is often used in domestic high-rise steel structure buildings.

To meet the requirements of rapid construction of the main steel structure,it can provide a firm working platform in a short time,and can use the flow construction of laying profiled steel plates on multiple floors and pouring concrete slabs in layers.In the use stage,as the tensile reinforcement of the concrete floor,the floor bearing plate also improves the stiffness of the floor and saves the amount of reinforcement and concrete.

The products produced by 915 floor bearing plate equipment have the characteristics of light weight,high strength,large bearing capacity and good seismic resistance.The floor bearing plate equipment products are widely used in power plants,power equipment companies,automobile exhibition halls,steel structure plants,cement warehouses,steel structure offices,airport terminals,fire stations,stadiums,concert halls,Grand Theater,large supermarkets,logistics centers and Olympic venues Sports venues and other steel structure buildings.