High speed angular forming machine series
High speed angular forming machine series

High speed angular forming machine series


High speed angle forming machine series technical parameters:


Material for big frame of Jiaochi tile press:350h steel

Forming shaft of angular pressing machine:diameter 68mm,45×quenching and tempering

Forming wheel of corner press:material 45×forging and hard chromium plating

Transmission mode:1 inch chain wheel and chain

Jiaochi tile press motor:5.5kw

Number of forming rows:21 rows

Motor of pump station:3kw,four stages

Cutting die:Gr12

Molding speed:8-10m/min

Pressing thickness:0.2-0.7mm

Pressing width:1000M

Those who do not know the structure,performance and operation rules of high-speed angle forming machine series are not allowed to start the machine.It is strictly forbidden to work beyond the small closing height of Jiaochi 820 tile pressing machine,that is,the small distance between the bottom surface of upper sliding box and each working surface is 290mm.The height of upper and lower mold after clamping plus the thickness of upper and lower base plate plus the thickness of tile blank is not allowed to exceed 290mm.The mold should be designed according to this requirement To avoid machine tool accidents.Always pay attention to the height of lubricating oil in the sliding box and both sides of the body.The equipment should be wiped frequently,kept clean and free from mud and water.

The high-speed angle forming machine series can be installed and used separately,but it needs manual loading and unloading.It can also be equipped with automatic loading frame and unloading manipulator,extruder,tile cutter,billet feeder and tile conveyor line to form tile production line,which does not need manual operation.Compared with the automatic tile pressing mechanism of ceramic tile,the structural principle of 760 angular Chi molding machine is relatively simple,which is mainly composed of hydraulic pump,hydraulic sliding plug,fixed pressure table,movable knock table,tile pressing die,etc.Its working principle is that after the raw materials are loaded into the lower die in the current process,the hydraulic pump drives the pressing die to press down automatically,and the cement sand and gravel are filtered out more moisture under the action of pressure and pressed into dense and strong cement tile products.