Automatic metal roofing roll forming
Automatic metal roofing roll forming

Automatic metal roofing roll forming


Automatic metal roof rolling forming is widely used in various industrial plants,housing,warehouses and simple steel roof production,and it is beautiful and durable.

The machine is mainly composed of feeding platform,forming host,forming shear device,hydraulic station and computer control system.

Automatic metal roof rolling forming includes:complete machine,PLC computer control system,special cutting system,professional hydraulic system.

The products produced by automatic metal roof rolling forming have smooth and beautiful appearance,uniform paint pattern,high strength and durability.They are widely used in industrial and civil buildings,such as factory buildings,warehouses,locomotive depots,aircraft hangars,gymnasiums,exhibition halls,cinemas and other rooms and walls.

Roll forming of automatic metal roof,roll forming of profiled plate,not only dignified and elegant,but also beautiful and novel,and the appearance of flat,uniform ripple,high utilization rate,high strength,high degree of production automation,low cost,durable.

High strength:the widened 900 automatic tile press adopts high-strength steel plate as the base material(tensile strength 5600kg/cm),plus advanced design and rolling forming,with excellent structural characteristics.

Fire protection:the surface material and thermal insulation material of color composite sandwich panel are non combustible materials,which can meet the requirements of fire protection code.

Quick installation:the composite board has the advantages of light weight,splicing installation and cutting at will,so it is easy to install,which can greatly improve the benefits and save the construction period.

Durability:a variety of studies have shown that the shelf life of the color steel plate treated by special coating is 10-15 years,and the service life of the plate can reach more than 35 years after spraying anti-corrosion coating every 10 years.

Beautiful:the clear lines of profiled steel plate can be up to more than ten kinds of colors,which can meet the needs of buildings of any style and achieve satisfactory results.

Automatic metal roof roll forming operation:

Before the use of automatic metal roof rolling forming,it is necessary to check whether the connections are firm,whether the mounting bolts and nuts are tightened,and whether the left and right chassis should be filled with enough lubricating oil before the machine can be powered on to start the test run.First,the machine can run empty,and carefully observe whether there is vibration,noise,whether the oil comes from the oil window,and whether the movement of various parts is coordinated,Cut off the power supply to prevent the slide seat from falling naturally,causing an accident.The upper die is installed on the bottom surface of the sliding seat,and a pad of appropriate thickness is placed to ensure that after the upper and lower dies are closed,the four peripheral gaps are uniform,and the distance between the upper and lower dies is equal to the thickness of the required tile blank.Then,the upper mould shall prevail,the workbench shall be rotated,and the remaining five lower moulds shall be installed.After all the upper and lower moulds are installed,the car can be started for tile pressing.